We are above all dedicated to maintaining a friendly, interactive atmosphere of players. Whether you play to explore, fight or socialize, there's a place here for you.


We are the Soulshards of WildStar.


The purpose of a Guild is to bring together a group of people for a greater purpose. Each of us is a sliver of a whole, stronger when combined than alone. We are all shards of a greater soul, and we aim to reflect this in our actions.

As a member of Soulshards, you can expect an improved social gaming experience on Nexus with your fellow teammates. We're here to share knowledge, exchange ideas and materials, and ultimately evolve to become the greatest players we can be. So please, take a look around and hopefully we'll have you joining us soon!


An MMO is all about the journey you choose to take. Who says you have to do it alone? We're all about lending a helping hand to reach that next level, finish a story arc or get that sweet piece of gear.



We're all here to play the game -- so let's conquer it together! Weekly events are scheduled to get teammates at the right place and time. Exploration, raiding, PvP -- something for everyone!

Everyone needs more of something. Luckily, not everyone needs the same somethings. Members collaborate, trade and exchange vital ingredients to evolve our tradeskills and general well-being as a Guild.



Alpha Shards

May 11, 2014

Soulshards is Reborn

Co-leader Chris was once a long-term Mabinogi player, where he led a small band of friends known as Soulshard. Today, the spiritual successor lives in WildStar!

MAY 18, 2014

Website is Live

Thanks to co-leader Jim, we got a site! It shall evolve along the way, once we know what to do with it!